Filling the Gaps in Patient Care

We live in a world where patients have a seemingly endless combination of medical needs, yet there are only a limited number of remedies that are available to patients, either over the counter or with a prescription. When deciding what medicine may be right for their patients, doctors may feel constrained choosing between commercially available pharmaceutical drugs, which may only come in a very specific dosage form or amount.

Luckily, for situations where a patient may need a particular dosage or pharmaceutical combination that is not available, a compounding pharmacy in Irvine like MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding is able to provide custom solutions to meet a wide variety of patient needs. At MedLife, our pharmacists truly do take on the role of healthcare provider for our patients, who rely on us for solutions that they could not get anywhere else. Especially for patients with allergies or dietary restrictions, a caring and thorough specialty pharmacy in Irvine is a must.

One group that benefits greatly from this work are patients with autism, or children who have shown early signs of autism. Certain dietary restrictions have been shown to help children with early signs of autism control and minimize symptoms, but the ingredients in some pharmaceutical drugs can make these guidelines hard to follow. By making MedLife their compounding pharmacy in Orange County, parents of children with autism can get the medicine their child relies on, but in a dosage form that is free of dyes, alcohols, and much easier for the child to take. In addition to pills, compounding pharmacists can provide patients with dosage forms that include creams, sprays, and even lollipops.

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