Compounding Pharmacy for Thyroid Hormone Therapy

So what is the thyroid hormone, you might be wondering. It helps in the body’s process of converting the food you eat into energy as well as as heat. It also keeps your body temperature regular as well impacting the many hormonal systems of your body. There are type major types of thyroid hormone. The first includes Thyroxine. Thyroxine, which also known as T4. The other type is known as T3 or Triiodothyronine, this is its active form. The roles that it plays and the impact it has on many of our bodily processes has recently began to rise as a subject of study and we’re learning more and more about the critic balance it supplies for replacing hormones in both men and women alike.

A low level of the thyroid hormone sometimes occurs has caused a number of symptoms including fatigue, a low tolerance for extreme temperatures, retaining fluids, headaches, constipation, a dry skin and hair, a slowed metabolism and decreased heart rate and much more. It also affects the mind inhibiting memory recall and even leading to depression and anxiety. More than half of people affected are unaware of it despite the many symptoms it entails, or because there are so many.

Although T4 is the hormone in its inactive form many patients receive treatment options that include a synthesized version of it. A compounding pharmacy will be able to give you the best chemical compound to provide this type of treatment. Because of this many of the patients treated can often find the results ineffective or worse. Some patients and professionals prefer a T4/T3 combination. Sadly though the only T3 on the market is in synthetic forms and is rapidly absorbed into the body because of its formula for immediate release. Because of that you may see a result of higher T3 concentrations setting off the chemical balance and often causing complications and additional side effects. What research suggests is that you need a gradual release that sustains itself over time. Generally it’s best to rely on a a medical professional to prescribe treatment best provided by pharmaceutical compounding, and work on that delicate balance to determine the best result. This process can involve various tests and a variety of different T4/T3 fusions along with medication that ensures the best results, something that Medlife Pharmacy, an Orange County compounding pharmacy, can put together for you to ensure the very best results.

There was a randomized double-blind study conducted that found that the inclusion of T3 in this type of theory improved patients both mentally and physical. Patients were of clearer mind, better physical health, and less likely to develop anxiety and/or depression along with other symptoms of the mind. As you can see, this was far superior to the introduction of T4 on its own. It’s often based to pursue a treatment that involves a gradual and sustained release of T3 into treatment, which is best provided by pharmaceutical compounding.

One Australian physician Dr. John M. Lee, pointed that problems with thyroid function are best examined in a much larger context that includes fatigue relating to adrenaline as well as hormonal balances. A hormonal imbalance, for example could include uneven estrogen/testosterone levels that lead to the dominance of estrogen. He further asserted we should consider nutritional deficiencies and problems that interfere with liver function. Digestion issues that inhibit proper absorption also play a role.

A number of vitamins and minerals, for example work with amino acids that convert T4 into T3 as well as facilitating delivery to the cells. Dr. Lee’s approach is a unique one and has helped many functions suffering low functioning thyroids. He primarily uses only T3 and uses a slow release because of the problems reported from the synthetic form available on the market. He’s seen a great deal of success in this type of therapy and though time will tell, it appears he could very well revolutionize the way we treat thyroid problems. More people should at least consider what he has to say.

Located in the Orange County area and needing a compounding pharmacy in Irvine to give you the pharmaceutical combination to best serve you and your thyroid health, putting together to perfect balance to get you treated.

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