The True Benefits of Compounding

For people looking for a reliable and professional Irvine pharmacy to serve their family, there is no reason to settle for one of the impersonal chains. By choosing MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding as their go-to pharmacy, patients not only receive exceptional customer service, but they also get access to custom medical solutions from compounding pharmacists that can offer patients what many doctors cannot.

As a compounding pharmacy Irvine patients count on for custom medications, we are able to provide families with dosage amounts and forms that are not commercially available. This allows them access to medical options where there wasn’t one before. Some of these custom solutions include:

  • Drugs to Accommodate Allergies/Sensitivities – There are a great many pharmaceutical drugs that contain crucial medicines for patients, but also have dyes, alcohols, or other ingredients that patients may have allergies or dietary sensitivities to. One such group that MedLife works hard to accommodate are patients with autism, or early warning signs of autism, and are on a restricted diet to stop symptoms from worsening.
  • Drugs in Unique Dosage Forms – There are other situations, especially with parents of young children, where we get a request for a specific medication in a specific dosage form that isn’t commercial available. For many different drugs, we can supply them to patients in the form of things like creams, sprays, and even lollipops.

When they need a pharmacy in Irvine that can provide truly customized solutions to real medical problems, families and parents turn to MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding to ensure that everyone gets the care they need.

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