Trusted Compounding and Pharmaceutical Services

When it comes to choosing the right pharmacy in Irvine or elsewhere in the greater Orange County area, you need one you can rely on, especially when special needs arise. Most prescription and over the counter medications are created in factories where one size fits all. For people with special concerns, in advanced age, or for many other reasons, these medications are just not optimally suited for their bodies and habits. Some of these special concerns include the substances gluten and casein, which many parents try to eliminate from the diets of their children with autism. Meeting and exceeding such particular needs of a wide variety of customers is where MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding shines, which has won them an established reputation in Southern California.

Compounding is the process of creating personally prepared medicines in order to best fit the patients’ needs. Whether they need medication to accommodate a food allergy to certain dyes or sugars, need a formula that is alcohol-free, or aren’t able to take the large pills prescribed to them, MedLife’s expert, highly experienced pharmacy team is here to help. What’s more, MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding, a premier compounding Irvine pharmacy, can formulate your prescriptions into gels, troches, creams, and even lollipops.

So if you’re looking for a top quality Irvine compounding pharmacy, look no further than MedLife Pharmacy & Compounding. Their widely renowned pharmacy team can support you in deciding if compounding is right for you. Feel free to have a look at their customers’ reviews on Yelp, the community ratings site.

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